Why Do Countries Ban Video Games?

Video games are just another form of entertainment. There are books, radio, television, movies, internet, and a few other methods of getting and sometimes interacting with information. At times the content in video games can be highly sexual or highly violent. Some countries have review boards. They will look at the content in video games and at times have banned them from being sold to the citizens. Is this good practice?

There is the issue of children getting hold of a very violent video game or one that is highly sexualized. Just as it’s a general good practice to not show the child violent movies or pornographic movies, video games are treated the same way. In the United States for example there are ratings on games. If a game is Mature, it’s only for adults and not for children. Some countries have laws to protect children from getting these but others take the games away from adults.

This doesn’t make sense because an adult should be able to make their own entertainment choices. It’s highly unlikely that an adult who plays a sexual or violent game does not see violence and sex in books, radio, movies, and on the internet on a regular basis. What are these laws protecting adults from? Have they really not seen this kind of material before?

It’s seems a bit unprincipled to ban one form of entertainment but allow the rest. There are plenty of images just on the internet alone that are more horrific, violent, and sexual than a game has ever been. One who seeks out the content will find it.